Proposed Legislation – June 2021

Jul 1, 2021 | Legislation, Legislation - June 2021

See below proposed PA legislation that was introduced in April that may affect your industry. If you have questions and/or concerns about any of this proposed legislation, you should reach our directly to your PA Senator or PA Representative.

June 2, 2021


COVID-19 – Presumption Legislation

Representatives Farry and White plan to reintroduce two pieces of legislation amending the Workers’ Compensation Act to provide additional protection to those on the first line of defense against COVID-19 and whose jobs put them at greater risk of contracting the disease. For more information, click here.

June 23, 2021


Workers’ Compensation for First Responders with PTSI

Representative Ryan plans to introduce legislation  that will expand post-traumatic stress injury benefits for first responders in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This was House Bill 432 last Session. Senators Bartolotta and Regan are current sponsors of the companion piece in the Senate (Senate Bill 775). For more information, click here.

June 25, 2021


Adding PA Career Fire Chiefs Association to the 911 Board

Representative Schmitt plans to introduce legislation to add the PA Career Fire Chiefs to the 911 Advisory Board within the PA Emergency Management Agency (PEMA). Since 2015, PEMA has implemented the 911 law and utilized the 911 Advisory Board to accomplish a great deal, including the establishment of training standards, 911 call standards, quality assurance protocols, setting funding priorities, and preparing for NextGen 911. For more information, click here.

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