See below proposed PA legislation that was introduced in January that may affect your industry. If you have questions and/or concerns about any of this proposed legislation, you should reach our directly to your PA Senator or PA Representative.

First Responder Tuition Assistance

Jan 25, 2021

Representative Struzzi plans to reintroduce legislation, former House Bill 1773, creating the Tuition Assistance for Active Volunteers Program for our first responders.

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Amending the Fire and EMS Grant Program

Jan 20, 2021

Representative Knowles plans to reintroduce legislation, previously House Bill 1190, which will amend Chapter 78 of Title 35, the Fire and EMS Grant Program.

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CPAs Assisting Volunteer Firefighter Organizations

Jan 13, 2021

Representative Brown plans to introduce legislation to create a program for certified public accountants to assist volunteer firefighter organizations.

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Funding Options for Fire Department Expenses

Jan 8, 2021

Senator Brooks plans to reintroduce Senate Bill 1163 of the 2019-2020 legislative session, which will provide our fire companies with an option to utilize other available funding to pay for their monthly expenses.

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